What is Line Blind?

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Typical Process
Sammi Process

SAMMI Line Blind

Line blinds have been used in pipelines where complete shut-off or full flow without a pressure drop is required.

Generally, blinding (or blanking) a line is a costly, labor intensive process requiring several personnel, heavy tools and machinery.
In addition to the typical methods of blinding a line, the lengthy process exposed operators to various hazards including inhalation of potentially toxic fumes, spills and the risk of explosion.

The SAMMI Lind Blind incorporates a simple and durable design that has been developed to provide absolute shut-off, long life and cost-efficient service with minimum maintenance.
The unique opening-closing mechanism of the SAMMI Lind Blind allows one person to blind pipelines quickly and safely without any tools or equipment.

Line Blinds are used for

  • Safe operation and maintenance
  • Perfect isolation of pipeline
  • Prevention of product contamination
  • Maintaining vacuum condition
  • Preventing environmental pollution
  • Response to emergencies including process issues, accident in line, or shutdown of equipment