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SAMMI Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Line Blind engineering and manufacturing company with world leading line blind technologies and products.

Our engineering and designs are based on ASME Section VIII, division 1, ASME B31.1 and comparatively checked by API 590 .
Hazard analyses for SAMMI line blind valves have been implemented to identify potential hazards and risks to be around applicable valves in accordance with EN 1050.
SAMMI Line Blinds does extensive physical testing on designs for optimal quality control.

Our designs are developed using professional design software and validated by finite element analysis.
SAMMI maintains strict quality policy and testing for all products.

Line blocking technology has been the primary focus of SAMMI Machinery for over 20 years. Extensive installation and site experiences with SAMMI’s innovative helical gear-set system has proved it as one of the most safe and successful line blocking products in the world
Quality System
ISO9001:2008 CE-PED Module H API Spec.Q1 / API ISO /TS 29001 Engineering and designs are based on ASME Section VIII, division 1.
Company’s Philiosophy
We strive to supply the best quality material & products, providing professional service & quick responses.
We aim to have the best reputation among our global customers.