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SAMMI Line Blind offer 2 essential criteria

- Zero leakage
- Safe & easy blinding that can be accomplished by one untrained operator


Absolute shutoff
Zero Leakage
Quick change
Blinding can safely be completed by an untrained operator within only minutes
Only one operator
Easy and safe blinding requiring only one pipeline operator
No line stretching
Minimizes stress on pipeline during operation
Non-self-sticking mechanism
Unique Gear-set system prevents sticking of blind plate
Cost saving
Reduces maintenance hours, saving man-hour costs
No tools required
A simple hand-wheel operation. No need for tools to provide completed shut-off.
Prevention of potential hazards such as inhalation of potentially toxic fumes, spills of product and risk of explosion
Simple structure
Minimum maintenance, requiring only the replacement of sealing
Gear-set system provides perfect isolation without any contact or rubbing of gasket