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EX type Line blind offers 100% pipe isolation for hazardous service conditions such as extremely high temperature, cryogenic, gas/liquid contained particles and/or polymer production pipeline. The unique stretching mechanism creates a gap to switch blind plate positions quickly and efficiently.


High temperature

  • Up to 816°C / 1500℉.
  • No internal gasket
  • Design advantages for thermal expansion

Cryogenic service

  • LNG plant.
  • Positive isolation of liquefied gases.
    (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Ethylene, Natural gas)
  • Safe sealing at -196°C ( -320.8℉)
  • No dead space / full-bore design

Slurry / Polymer

  • No parts contact with fluid except blind plate.
  • No dead space / full-bore design.
  • Stick free mechanism against hardened polymer / slurry.


  • Suitable for the high temperature up to 816°C ( 1500℉. )
  • > Positive sealing under the catalyst particles with gases.
  • Enclosed body design depend on application.

Flare gas / COG / BFG / Carbon black

  • Open body or enclosed body depend on application.
  • Positive isolation under residue deposition.
  • Elastic sealing (Low temperature) Metal sealing (High temperature)

Ethylene Plant

  • Feed stock, Decocking air, Steam, Ethane, Quench oil, Fuel gas line.
  • Quick blind for Batch operation.
  • High temperature up to 816°C ( 1500℉. )

Acid / Chlorine

  • PTFE / PFA lining for all wetted part.
  • Perfect gas tightness with elastic sealing.
  • Open body or enclosed body depend on application.