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Free from leakage trouble

Leakage trouble of general line-isolation valves may cause big losses to facility and pipeline integrity management such as contamination or mixing of products in the line, safety issues by inhalation of toxic gases or unexpected explosions. SAMMI’s line blind products provide the best solution for the efficient and safe management of pipelines.

  • Naphtha, Diesel, Para-Xylene

  • Gasoline and MTBE

  • Nitrogen

  • Heat exchanger - Bypass Line (Cooling system)

  • Acetic Acid, Methyle acetate

  • Cryogenic service (LNG / Ethylene)


  • Ethylene, Propylene, SM

  • Loading arm construction

  • On board Vessel

  • Regeneration Gas

  • Product carrier tank isolation

  • Tankfarm

  • JET - Fuel (MOV automation)

  • HDPE